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Get The Best In Home Fitness Training in Wilmette IL

Personal Training Wilmette IL

Looking for the Best In Home Personal Training in Wilmette?

If you’re looking for a North Shore personal trainer, you'll probably find one in a local Wilmette, Kenilworth or Evanston gym. The problem with hiring a gym-based personal trainer is that gym training takes more time, effort and tolerance than you think, i.e., you’ll have to drive to the gym 2-3 times a week, get dressed, and then work out “on display” in a noisy, public environment. Then you drive home, shower, etc. Hire a gym-based personal trainer, and you could easily waste a couple of extra hours a week.

In Home Personal Training and the "Gym Free" Lifestyle

Or you can workout smarter: have an experienced personal trainer come to your North Shore home! For about the same price as a gym trainer, Bodystar Fitness sends your personal trainer to your home 2-3 times per week to train you on your time, with your equipment (or ours), to your favorite music! We make it easy: do as you like until the doorbell rings, have an awsome workout, and simply move on with your day! A super efficient way to get in super shape!

We put you in control of your workout program experience, and you'll see that the best kind of fitness training doesn’t require old school expensive machines! Our clients choose from a variety of the latest workout styles: strength training, bodyweight, HIIT, cardio training, function training, plyometrics, Pilates, and more!

Try Bodystar Fitness and you’ll see that working out at home is a luxury you can afford - our clients save time, money, effort, and live very efficient and fit North Shore lives. Contact Us to get your free consultation. Try us with no obligation: buy a 5 session trial package, we’ll give you one session free! Buy 10 sessions, and you’ll get two sessions free! We think you’ll love our service and our current client references: we’ve been in home personal training in Wilmette for over 20 years!

Wilmette Beach Workout Ideas And don't forget that the Wilmette Beach and Gilson Park area has a lot of great places to work out if you choose to go "gym free" and get in shape outside this summer. Try a few of these ideas below:

The Hill & Steps (near the entrance) Try running to Wilmette Beach and (carefully) running hill repeats on the hill, and/or stair repeats on the stairs right next to the hill. "Repeats" are repeated runs up and down, shoot for a reasonable amount you can complete.

Wilmette Beach

Run: There's nothing better than a beach run, the sand makes it more challenging for your muscles so you’ll get better results than just an average run. Most people run in the more compacted sand at the water’s edge in the early morning or late afternoon to avoid the sun and heat. You might try running intervals along the shore’s edge and then slow jogging back through the deep sand for a hard, short challenging run.

Swim/Run Circuit Try running a length of beach, then swimming back to your starting point (that’s one circuit). Repeat per your fitness level. Keep it safe, only swim in shallow water with a lifeguard on duty.

Plyometric Hop Curcuit Challenge Experienced with plyometrics? At your own risk and with permission from the beach staff, you can do a great circuit using the tables if you are in condition to jump up to a seat. Try doing 5 hops up to a table seat, 15 pushups against the table, and 15 double crunches while lying on the seat. Repeat if you can safely complete the hop section without injury. Contact Us - Click Below:

Personal Training Winnetka IL

Bodystar Fitness is an at home personal training service for Chicago’s North Shore, check us out at or (new ending, no .com). We train wonderful clients in Wilmette, Kenilworth, Winnetka, Northfield, Glenview, Glencoe, Northbrook, Highland Park, Evanston, and the surrounding areas. Contact us today to get in great shape at home.


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