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And Then Covid Hit...

To everyone's surprise, the world suddenly shut down last spring. So 2020 would never be the glory-filled year of fitness excellence envisaged in the last post! And then we all sat home, started stress eating chips, and stayed away from each other. Ugh.

Thankfully, we at Bodystar Fitness were ready to get virtual: for years, we've been the only North Shore fitness provider to offer virtual training and original workout videos online. A former software developer and web programmer, Brian got online early with an online gym and a video training portal for Bodystar Fitness personal training clients on the go. Pack your band, and you can travel and keep all your fitness gains.

So when the virus hit, we immediately switched all of our in-home personal training clients to virtual training. We went full guns and the transition was seamless - well kinda seamless.

While some clients loved virtual training right away, others missed the presence and immediacy of in-person training. Suddenly, the trainer isn't present and pushing you through another workout, he's 3 inches tall and on your phone screen!

For some clients, camera framing was challenging at first - the trainer needs to see your form, not your head bobbing in and out of frame! Anyway, after some adjustment, all our clients are online and training to avoid the de-conditioning and weight gain that is rife in these Covid times.

The training schedule adjusted, too. What was a more-than-full training schedule pre-Covid became a (welcome) more relaxed training schedule mid-Covid! That lasted for a little while until some new virtual clients came on board with gyms shutting down to avoid spreading the virus. So now, more clients can be trained online, thankfully.

And the training is more convenient and personalized online. Clients have more control over their training times and experience - they can train anywhere, with any equipment or none at all. That makes for more consistent workouts, which always brings better and better results!

And funny how virtual training emboldens the silly and the quarantine-weary to say just about anything. The lockdown stories are usually offbeat and funny, so there's been a lot of oversharing, weird happenings, and support/ therapy. Training and talking makes for some good medicine, something we need more of in these strange times. Anyway, hang in there everyone - hope you all stay healthy, happy and fit!

It will hopefully be over sooooon (?) hmmm


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