Meet Brian Mahoney, Multi-Certifed Personal Trainer

Bodystar Fitness, Inc. was founded in Wilmette, IL by Brian Mahoney, a multi-certified Personal Trainer (American College of Sports Medicine, ACE, NESTA, and more). Brian is a long-time North Shore resident and one of the most well-known and experienced trainers on the North Shore. Brian trains a wide variety of in-home, virtual, and gym-based clients, each with a fully customized training plan.
Brian's training goes beyond strength and fitness training, he also trains clients with medical and special needs. He's a certified Parkinson's Disease Boxing Trainer, a self-defence coach, and Exercise Is Medicine practitioner. He has worked in conjunction doctors and physical therapists to create exercise programs that are safe, effective and doctor-approved! Brian has also reached out to the community, partnering with groups like Weight Watchers to offer training tips and support.
Brian Mahoney Personal Training Certific

Brian grew up on Chicago's North Side. He started lifting rusty old weights as a young teen, then became a varsity wrestler and pole vaulter in high school. Brian evolved into an endurance racer - triathlons, biathlons, and the marathon. He joined the Northwestern University Masters Swim Team and greatly improved his swim times! The racing went for years until he got tired of racing and stopped.

Now Brian trains full days through the week and part of Saturday. When Brian trains himself, he uses a variety of training modes to avoid burnout. He's a life-long martial artist: mainly kickboxing, Hapkido, and now Krav Maga - the Israeli art of self-defense.


Brian has trained a wide variety of clients, including special needs clients. He's a certified Rock Steady Parkinsons Boxing Coach - a boxing method that can help reverse the symptoms of Parkinson's Disease. Brian's says "If you can move it, I can train it...and if you can't move it, I'll move it for you until you can!" Brian also offers specialized training for Stroke Recovery, Cancer, Illness recovery, depression and mental health support (exercise and camaraderie are the best anti-depressants), and elder strength/independence training.


In his previous life, Brian graduated from The University of Chicago, and attended Northwestern University graduate school. He designed and developed software for companies like Electronic Arts, and wrote literature and history textbooks for national publishers like Houghton Mifflin. Brian also programmed a lot of professional websites for companies like Motorola. One day he walked away from 10 hour on-screen days to start helping people in real life look and feel a lot better. He went on to design and film over 100 fitness videos for the Bodystar brand...