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Summer, 2021 - Back to Training & Healthy Habits

Well, we've all been through quite a crazy time, no? The lockdowns, masks, vaccines, distancing - all things that took us off our rhythm, separated us from the things we enjoy most. Suddenly, everyone had to struggle to stay healthy under restrictive circumstances. Things are looking up, finally, so I hope that you've all weathered the storm as well as possible, and I hope it taught us all to appreciate all the good things around us.

And I really hope that the many people who lost jobs and friends can recover and get on to better things soon. I sympathized with the local gyms that had to suddenly shut down - that was crazy. Like me, the gym owners built their clientele over many years of hard effort and training. I'm happy to see that the North Shore gyms that survived are up and running again.

I was lucky during the pandemic because my specialty has always been virtual fitness training, fitness video making, and in-home personal training on the North Shore. Because of that, 99% of my clients moved to my virtual training immediately. There they had many options. For example, I have a library of Bodystar Fitness workout videos ready to cover anyone who couldn't fit in my schedule or wanted to train on the road or at off times.

And because of pandemic lockdowns many new "gym-less" clients came to me (virtually) for online personal training. It was fun to meet and train clients completely online and to watch them improve much of training is in person, but what matters is to keep the motivation and quality high.

So, the adjustment to virtual training was pretty easy for my seasoned clients; they fell right into our old rhythm: the funny banter, the always new exercises (within their preferences), and the feature they've wanted for a long time - a diminished 3 inch tall trainer stuck in a phone who can be silenced and ignored :) It's been a fun new way for them to train.

Getting to know new clients virtually has also been fun. Gone are the usual "get to know you" jitters (a speed bump for everyone before we hit the gas). Virtual meet ups are kinda easier in a way because everyone is comfortable in their own space. For virtual clients, I become a figure that appears on time and works to get them exactly what they've wished for - ie., a thiner stomach, stronger legs, ripped arms, etc. It's simple and efficient.

This time has brought us together over more than the usual physical fitness goals. We all joined up online to push through the lockdowns. Working virtually to bring about positivity, progress and some camaraderie. We got through it and our clients came out as well as one could ask. So here's to your good health and recovery in 2021, let's get better from here!


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