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Bodystar Fitness: Five Reasons To Get An In-Home Personal Trainer

Personal Trainer North Shore Chicago IL

1) POSITIVE ACCOUNTABILITY Let's face it, you're not so good at getting in your car, driving to the gym, getting your not-so-stylish gym outfit on, and figuring out what you want to do, so you do the same stuff when you do go. It doesn't help that the gym is a dirty, loud place that's filled with annoying sweaty people, something that makes you not want to return much. Ok, your "fitness plan" is failing and failed in the planning stage long ago. How do you get fitness training into your North Shore lifestyle? A: In Home Personal Training and positive accountability - delivered. If you're busy and not so great at keeping up a regular your regular gym schedule, get an in-home Personal Trainer. That trainer will show up and push you (kindly) to lift, run, jump-all the things you won't do by yourself! Funny thing is, when you actually do a variety of workouts, you actually get the RESULTS! That's called "being successful" and proud of yourself, and your North Shore in home personal trainer made that happen for you.

2) YOU MIGHT BE A LITTLE LAZY (or a lot, ha-ha) Sure, you like to sit on the couch, watch TV, eat chips, hide the evidence and THEN forget to go to the gym. Oops, how did that happen...AGAIN? With a local gym trainer, you can call and say "sorry, I don't have the almost 2 hours it takes to drive and workout with you, so I don't have time today." With an in-home trainer, it's an hour flat and the show comes to your North Shore home. The workouts are interesting, filled with variety, and wow--you feel awesome after you get into the session. You won't get in shape unless you cancel less, and work out more, so an in-home personal trainer means you'll do great workouts with almost zero obstacles (results = success!). But what if you're not lazy, just super busy? 3) YOU NEED TO SAVE TIME Busy North Shore residents are very time-sensitive, so what more efficient way to get maximum quality workouts in the time allotted? If you have zero time to spare, you need to make time to work out to be sure you don't lose more time being sick or worse. Working out brings you quality time in life and health, so with little time a smart trainer will mix cardio into your workout to be sure your cardio vascular system and musculature will benefit most in the hour you have. So many people have made the mistake of not scheduling regular workouts, or making a vague promise that is made to be broken, so they fail. "I'll do it in the morning" means, I'll be too tired to do it in the morning. "I'll do it after work" means the same thing, you'll be too tired. If your trainer shows up at either time, you'll do the workout because you paid for it and someone is making you use that time for huge benefits. That will, in turn 4) IMPROVE YOUR QUALITY OF LIFE A private personal trainer at home is considered a "luxury" that most people assume is reserved for only the wealthiest people. Why? Because it signals 1) a highly efficient, successful person who knows to 2) schedule regular times to work out with a professional fitness trainer. That's because it's really smart to know that your health is wealth and make time for it. What people don't know, is that you can get a Bodystar Fitness trainer at home for about what you'd pay to hang with an average trainer at the local gym! The quality workouts performed regularly will result in a quality outcome: a great, capable, healthy body. The quality of your life will also improve when you 5) GET HEALTHY LIFESTYLE SUPPORT I knew a Personal Trainer who had the guts to go into his clients' refrigerators and literally THROW OUT their "bad" foods! While I admired his good intentions and chutzpah, I thought "that's how you lose clients!" Positive change takes time, and if a client trusts the trainer, they can work together to slowly improve things like bad eating habits, lack of sleep, and the like. Let's face it: you've got to be honest to start the positive change process. Are you going to be more honest and open in a public gym or at home? You're much more likely to be real/honest about your unhealthy habits when at home, that gives your home trainer the target he or she needs to cheer you on and help you change. Now you have someone who will ASK YOU if you did ______ (bad thing) again, so that will get you to start changing for the better. The quality of your body will go up, the quality of your food will go up...your energy, your moods, etc. An in-home personal trainer brings a huge amount of healthy lifestyle support and accountability, and it's worth the money to bring so many benefits into your home life.

Bodystar Fitness is an at home personal training service for Chicago’s North Shore, check us out at or (new ending, no .com). We train wonderful clients in Wilmette, Kenilworth, Winnetka, Northfield, Glenview, Glencoe, Northbrook, Highland Park, Evanston, and the surrounding areas. Contact us today to get in great shape at home.


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