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Train with Bodystar Fitness and Reach Your Personal Best

by Marina I. Jokic,

Over the course of his fitness experience, Brian Mahoney has designed thousands of workouts for a wide variety of clients. Mahoney, a multi-certified personal trainer, holding ACE, NESTA, and SCW certifications among others, has trained clients for over 20 years. He's worked with doctors and physical therapists to complete post-rehab injury recovery, and to build back strength through careful core and full-body strength training. Mahoney strives to create the most personalized workouts for his clients based on their preferences, fitness goals, and any present or past injuries.

Bodystar trainers are seasoned professionals, specializing in many different fitness areas including functional bodyweight, resistance bands, high intensity interval training, CrossFit, kickboxing, Pilates, Plyometrics, and various cardio fitness. If you are interested in personal training, your journey will begin with a free phone consultation.

Personal Trainer Wilmette IL Bodystar Fitness Brian Mahoney

Bodystar Founder Brian Mahoney in a Bodystar Extreme HIIT workout video

"We'll discuss your health, fitness frustrations, new goals and how we can help you succeed with some smart training," Mahoney said.

A software developer in his past life, Mahoney yearned to do something else with his time. Not only did he enjoy working out, he relished the opportunity to help others whenever possible.

"Back then, I'd escape my software development job to go nuts in the gym. I liked trying new exercises and pushing my limits," he said. "Oftentimes, people would stop me and ask what that crazy exercise was and how or why I did it. Soon it became part of my workout to give fitness advice or show someone how to train smarter." Eventually, he decided to formalize his skills, earned the American Council of Exercise Personal Trainer certification, and started training people as a side job. After realizing he had a knack for teaching fitness, he left his full-time job and opened his own business, never regretting the radical career change. Mahoney knew professional fitness was the right choice for him because it didn't really feel like a typical job. It was always fun and fulfilling.

"I got popular fast, quit my main job, founded Bodystar Fitness, got more certifications, and completed a year of yoga teacher training from Moksha Yoga, and started making fitness videos for the Bodystar brand," he said. "For me, Bodystar Fitness personal training is about helping others." What matters most to him is the satisfaction of his clients, and coming come happy and energized at the end of the day.

The creativity and freedom Mahoney's work affords him is undeniable. After more than twenty years of serious training, his job still feels engaging and worthwhile.

"Each client is an original, so I'm free to design custom workouts and sometimes I have to adapt to get a little more out of the session," he said. "I've invented close to fifty original exercises and variations, and shot over one hundred exercise videos for Bodystar, so I'm hoping to find a publisher for a fitness or lifestyle book. I'm ready to write it."

Mahoney consciously chose in-home personal training because he knew it was better both for him and his clients. It's easier for everyone not to have to fight through traffic, and use public equipment, said Mahoney.

"It's super-convenient, often cheaper, faster to complete, and a lot more fun than working on machines," he said. Bodystar clients live "gym-free" get professional quality home workouts, and enjoy better results overall.

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