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Top 10 Excuses That Make You Fat | Highland Park IL

Personal Training Glenview IL Bodystar Fitness

1) “I don’t like the gym scene/atmosphere…” A lot of people don’t like working out in public; maybe it’s the annoying "daily grind" elements like the drive both ways, the noise and music you can't change, or maybe that random odd sweaty person who stares, or perhaps the sticky equipment that makes you wonder about the gym cleaning schedule. Some North Shore gyms are better than others, but nothing can beat the convenience of training at your place, to your music, on your equipment, with your own Bodystar personal trainer. While your friends drive to the that gym with everyone else, your trainer comes to you because you're smart and cool (at least in this sense haha). 2) “I’m too busy to get to the gym…” Ah, the most popular reason busy North Shore residents are out of shape for years on end! Understandably, fitness training tends to fall to the bottom of the list when your exhausted from your daily efforts. The problem is, regular exercise is an ESSENTIAL healthy habit that will improve your mood, energy, overall health, and confidence! Add 2-5 hours of personal training to your week, and you'll start improving your strength, mood, energy, health, and looks (what else does that?). Our clients are all busy, and that's why their trainer shows up automatically--the cure for “too busy for the gym” days. 3) “I’m bored doing the same workout…” This is very normal, and a major reason to hire a personal trainer that adds exercise variety to your workouts. Most Bodystar clients love “not thinking” about what exercises they do, not counting how many times to do it, and not wondering if their form is correct and safe. We do that for you. Our clients simply answer the door, do a new workout in a comfortable room, and move on with their day. Doing the same workouts lead to no results training plateaus; better to outsource the variety problem and take your training to another level. 4) “I’m just going try another fad diet to lose weight…” When you lose weight just dieting, you'll lose both fat AND muscle! Less muscle = looking and feeling older, less healthy! Most diets are temporary and don't work long term anyway. It's more about changing your lifestyle to active/effective and your diet to high quality, nutrient dense foods. You need that metabolically active, fat-burning, youthful muscle on your body for many great reasons: quality of life, activities, balance, stronger bones (osteoporosis), appearance, energy, and more. If you're not working out regularly, it's important to get it into your weekly schedule asap.

5) “I’m too tired, I don’t have the energy…” Ironically, you many feel too tired to work out, but without drugs, your energy won't likely improve without exercise! If you don’t want to get old before your time, it’s time to get busy. 6) “I don’t know what to do…” That’s what we’re here for…our clients want the exercise variety they couldn’t get on their own. We know what to do, and we tailor workouts to what you like to do…so it’s more fun. 7) “Walking with my friends is all I need to do…” No, it’s not. Walking is the minimum that doctors (who aren’t trainers) recommend to get an out of shape person to be “active” again. Not to knock the serious walkers out there (who do get benefits), but for many North Shore walkers, it’s quite normal to drink Starbucks while blabbing your way down Sheridan Road. Walking trains legs to be good at walking, and if you can drink coffee as you go, you’re not working hard enough on your cardio. And what about the rest of your body? Personal Training trains your entire body so you can be good at a variety of things: cardio, strength, agility, speed, balance, coordination, etc. 8) “I have an injury that keeps me on the couch…” Many Bodystar clients start training with pre-existing injuries, often from a sport or mishap (sometimes with fitness classes or careless trainers). Everyone needs regular exercise, so it's not an excuse. We normally add physical therapy exercises to sessions to insure they get done (many people skip them). We can train around injuries per your physician’s instructions/limitations, and oftentimes, we can improve a muscle weakness-related bad back, a knee, etc. 9) “I’m too old to train…” No, you’re not too old to exercise! Studies have shown that personal training can improve the strength, balance, and health of even the oldest of clients. It’s important to follow your doctor’s recommendations for your activity/exercises, and it’s really important to keep your strength and energy up if you want to age well. Quality of life is everything, and if you don’t use it, you’ll lose it. 10) “I don’t like to get sweaty…” This is a funny excuse! Some very dignified North Shore residents secretly sweat to look so good at functions! And while clients can be trained in ways to minimize sweat, to maximize results, you should get sweaty. And trainers see sweat as good, not bad :) Ready to go gym free? Check out! Bodystar Fitness In Home Personal Training for clients in Wilmette, Winnetka, Kenilworth, Northfield, Glenview, Glencoe, Highland Park, Northbrook, and surrounding areas.


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