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Personal Training - Simplified

Kenilworth, IL | North Shore Chicago

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Welcome to Bodystar Fitness - Kenilworth, IL

Weight Loss - Strength Training - HIIT - Cardio - Cross Fit-style - Sports - Balance/Agility

With over 20 years of Kenilworth personal training, Bodystar Fitness is  the North Shore's most established in-home personal training service! We deliver smart, professional, time-saving personal training workouts - transforming your Kenilworth home into your private North Shore gym! 


Our Kenilworth clients are some of our best references, so please ask them why private fitness training is so much better than public gym training! Let us help you lose weight doing the exercises you like most - choose from strength training, HIIT (High Intensity Exercise Training), Cardio Fitness, Kick Boxing, Sports training, plyometrics, battle ropes, Pilates, and more!


With Bodystar Fitness, there are many ways to train: in-home, at the gym, and even online (great for frequent travelers!). We also offer Exercise Is Medicine training for elderly independence, pre-rehab, post-rehab, Parkinson's Disease, Stroke Recovery, special needs, and more.


As a North Shore resident, owner Brian Mahoney, CPT ACSM, ACE, has trained many of your Kenilworth neighbors - you just might know them! Please contact us for a free consultation and then try two sessions with no obligation - you'll get an extra session free.

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