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ALL Bodystar Training Is Exclusively Online

 Train anywhere, anytime - online!

Get Strong and Healthy - Onine!

Train with Brian online and get all the benefits and support you need!

Online Fitness Training

Personal Trainer Online Bodystar Fitness

LIVE Online Personal Training with Brian


LIVE Training is a great way to train with Brian train in real-time online! All of our clients have gone virtual and are improving every session. You CAN succeed online with full-body personal training sessions and the support you need to stay on track!  Brian will coach you and support your efforts just as he will in person when we are free from covid restrictions. Try it, you'll like it!

 Virtual Training + Fitness Video Workouts

So what's a Bodystar Fitness Training Video? Our commercial preview:

Online Training + two Targeted Video Workouts

Get one monthly coaching session with Brian Mahoney, ACSM-CPT, and two new Bodystar video workouts posted to your private Bodystar workout page to do each month! Every month, you'll get professional guidance, support, diet coaching, and workouts you need to succeed at a FRACTION of the cost for full personal training sessions!

Brian is a "BETTER" choice among North Shore personal trainers.


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