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Mrs. R's Stroke recovery fitness walk (with support to avoid tripping) - she's now up to 2 miles on/off road!



Regular exercise is often the best medicine! And now the American Medical Association has teamed up with the American College of Sports Medicine to get doctors to prescribe exercise! Their "Exercise Is Medicine" effort launched in 2007 to fight exercise-preventable diseases and to improve the health of patients with a variety of medical conditions including Diabetes, Heart Disease, Parkinsons Disease, Stroke, etc. Regular exercise not only makes you look and feel stronger and healthier, it can improve your mood, lower your blood pressure, strengthen your bones (anti-osteoporosis), lower your risk of some cancers, protect you against injury, and more.


Brian is certified through The American College of Sports Medicine and has experience training clients with all kinds of injuries and/or conditions. In every case, Brian works as needed with a client's physician, physical and/or occupational therapist, and their families to insure a safe and effective approach. Here are a few examples:




Mrs. R. suffered a "severe" stroke a couple of years ago, mostly paralyzing her on her left side. She started walking again with a walker, and was still falling down regularly when the physical therapy insurance ran out. She had to pay $250 an hour out of pocket to continue. Then I was called in to "fix" a very very complicated problem (for less than half the hourly rate :-).


I began by working with her physical therapist and her doctors to be sure we could train within a safe set of parameters. From there, it was a "one step at a time" process to create my own Stroke Recovery Method, something totally customized to her needs and ability. Last year, her neurologist called our results "a marvel" and she keeps improving to this day. Have a look below at her progress videos and contact us for more information.