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Bodystar is training online only - all safe training to win this virus fight! 

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For seniors, the benefits of regular strength training are the closest thing to the fountain of youth. It's never too late to start a safe resistance and balance program - it will actively make you stronger, better balanced, more energized, more confident, and the benefit list goes on and on. Exercise is also a great drug-free mood-booster!


 Bodystar Fitness training for seniors is about being extra careful - your program will incorporate any pre-existing conditions, doctor's advice on exercise limits, and your exercise comfort levels. Slowly, carefully we'll make you more active and and strong. Call Brian for a free consultation to see how your training can fit you!

Contact us to get started! Free consultation and free first session when you buy 2.

Bodystar is a "BETTER" choice among North Shore personal trainers.


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