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Train with Brian at Home

+ 2 Bodystar Gym Video Workouts to do yourself per Month

Bodystar is training online only - all safe training to win this virus fight! 

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Get one in-person training session and two new Bodystar Gym video workouts every month - all for one low monthly fee!

What's A Bodystar Gym Workout Video?


Here's a commercial/preview:

Now you can train with Brian both in person and online for one low monthly fee! For only $175/month, you'll get the super combo: 1) one in-person training session with Brian per month, and 2) get two new Bodystar Gym  workout videos to do each month. Brian designed, filmed, edited and narrated the form prompts for each video workout. He will select what will work best for you, allowing you to work out anywhere, anytime online - just sign into your private workout page on and Do It Yourself.


DIY Training is designed to meet the needs of clients who are too busy to workout, clients who travel often, or clients who just like to train themselves but are bored with the same old routine! Now you can stop guessing and start working out with your trainer by your virtual side. All workouts are designed for portability; use either a travel-friendly exercise band or no equipment at all.


What to expect: Brian will arrive and introduce you to the month's two new workouts, then he'll do a safety check of your form for each exercise. Your Bodystar Gym videos provide both verbal and sub-texted form cues, so you can't forget the right way to do an exercise. For Do It Yourself-ers, it's a gamechanging way to train!


Bodystar is a "BETTER" choice among North Shore personal trainers.


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