Mrs. R's Stroke recovery fitness walk (with support to avoid tripping) - she's now up to 2 miles on/off road!


Regular exercise is often the best medicine! And now the American Medical Association has teamed up with the American College of Sports Medicine to get doctors to prescribe exercise! Their "Exercise Is Medicine" effort launched in 2007 to fight exercise-preventable diseases and to improve the health of patients with a variety of medical conditions including Diabetes, Heart Disease, Parkinsons Disease, Stroke, etc. Regular exercise not only makes you look and feel stronger and healthier, it can improve your mood, lower your blood pressure, strengthen your bones (anti-osteoporosis), lower your risk of some cancers, protect you against injury, and more.


Brian is certified through The American College of Sports Medicine and has experience training clients with all kinds of injuries and/or conditions. In every case, Brian works as needed with a client's physician, physical and/or occupational therapist, and their families to insure a safe and effective approach. Here's where experience matters - for best results, a client program needs to adapt and evolve as progress is made. This is how we can help build independence, physical ability, balance, confidence, and self-esteem! Brian has trained clients with special needs (autism, cerebral palsy,  paralysis from stroke, Parkinsons, hip and knee replacement, cancer, and more).

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Brian: "I received a call from Mrs. R, a North Shore mom who had suffered a "severe" stroke that left her left side partially paralyzed.  She had to first use a walker, then a cane, but unfortunately after 6 months of physical therapy she was still struggling to perform basic tasks. Her physical therapy insurance had just run out and she was still struggling to keep from falling down on a regular basis. With no other options, she continued to pay for physical therapy herself at $250 an hour, but because of the expense, she'd have to stop soon (and likely decline at home). Luckily, her physical therapist said "What you really need now is a personal trainer", so I was called in to help figure it all out."


"I began by getting doctor clearances and asking for detailed "do's and don't's." Then I attended Mrs. R's last physical therapy session (no charge) and worked with her physical therapist to be sure that I had a firm grasp of her limitations. A walk-through of her current exercises would help me continue her therapy (at less than half the cost) and it gave me a basic foundation that would allow me to evolve her up to her new training methods. It figures that research says a stroke patient who can't walk well needs to walk A LOT to rewire the brain and regain abilities - so we started doing assisted walks on all terrains to improve her "foot drop" (dragging foot), From there, I added careful strength training, balance training, yoga/aided stretching, hand rehabilitation exercises (via my licensed hand therapist friend), and more. Today, Mrs. R and I regularly do 2 mile therapy walks on trails, up hills, and "off road" because they work. Now she has met her goals: she hasn't fallen in months, can cook for her family again, and she can even wear high heels out to dinner with her husband again (we practiced btw)" Below are a few moments from her workouts : the walking video we dedicate to the doc who told her her foot is "dead" - working hard and smart brought it back! Congratulations Mrs. R!"

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